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The Belle of Oyster Bay

Coming in September 2022

Patriot Sally Townsend of Loyalist Oyster Bay, Long Island manages to walk a tightrope of allegiances until dashing British Officer, John Graves Simcoe, moves into her home and her heart. Simcoe proposes marriage and Sally is ready to accept – until she discovers he’s at the head of a plot that could destroy her fledgling country. Sally must choose between her love for her officer and her country. Either choice could cost her everything she holds dear.

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No Safe Haven

Spunky, fifteen-year-old Tillie Pierce loves her life just as it is and considers her family safe from the Civil War—until Confederate soldiers overrun her hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Sent to “safety” on a farm, she seeks shelter right in the battle zone. The next few days test not only her beliefs and friendships but also her instincts and attitude. Does she have the gumption to trust a God who could give her hope? How can she when He allows such tragedy?

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