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Developmental Editing and Manuscript Evaluations

What exactly is a developmental edit? Good question, and one I get a lot.

A developmental edit is a deep dive into your manuscript. What works, what doesn’t, plot holes, and inconsistencies in character and story.

If you’ve ever received a rejection letter where the publisher says, “thank you for submitting your work to us, but at this time, it is not right for us; or, with a few changes, we would love to represent you; or, it does not meet our needs,” etc., but offers nothing specific to fix, then you know the frustration of asking yourself what is WRONG with my story?

My goal as a developmental editor is to help you figure that out. To analyze your story, I will first have a 30-minute Zoom consult to find out what your goals are for your book. Then if we agree we are a good match, I'll read your manuscript, make comments in the margins, and write an editorial letter with specifics of what's working well, what needs work, and how to get our manuscript publish-ready. You will receive a book map of your first five scenes to help you understand what you need to work on. When my work is complete I will provide a one-hour Zoom or phone consultation to go over any questions you may have. All of this will make the difference between “this shows promise,” and “we want to send you a contract”.   

If you're not sure a developmental edit is right for you, I can do a manuscript evaluation, a smaller-scale, less extensive means of evaluating your manuscript. 

Please contact me below for rates. A free sample edit of your first 3,000 words is available upon request. 


Angela is encouraging but honest. She will tell you what's wrong with your book, but she'll also tell you how to fix it. When editing my manuscript, Angela gave me actionable advice while making sure to indicate what I should keep. Her feedback is clear and concise, perfect for the author who wants to get down to the business of making their book the best it can be. Some editors will give you theories. Angela will give you a plan.

Dayna Reidenouer

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